About us

John Gooderham

John is a freshwater ecologist who works mainly with waterbugs. He has worked in government in Victoria and Tasmania, and currently helps coordinate and
resource The National Waterbug Blitz.

Howard Jones

Howard is a fanatical angler captivated by the unique fishing opportunities Tasmania has to offer. His passion is fishing the state’s rivers and lakes, exploring the remote highland tarns and stalking trout in headwater streams and lowland rivers. Howard became involved with Anglers Alliance Tasmania hoping to address the declining fishing in his local river, the Break O’Day. Within AAT Howard has taken on the role of increasing awareness of river health both in angling circles and the wider community

Bridget White

Bridget is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania studying the effects of land-use and flow changes on waterbugs. She loves splashing about in rivers, and is passionate about sharing her love of rivers with as many people as possible!